Guided Tour

Aldoar offers its clients a complete service from the clothing design to the delivery according to the clients’ wishes. On this page you can go on a guided tour of the company, thus knowing the manufacture process of the knitted fabric products of Aldoar.


Apart from manufacturing collections conceived by its clients’ creative departments, Aldoar has a design office that creates original clothing items and collections by order.




The commercial department is in charge of the contact and follow-up of all Aldoar’s clients, from the ordering to the delivery of the final product. This department is responsible for dealing with the clients and answers their demands, by finding solutions for their problems, either technical or commercial.




Supporting the production there are also several warehouses. In the beginning of the process there is the warehouse for the storage of the thread and the fabric from the loom that supplies the weaving and the dyeing. There is also the finished fabric warehouse, where the fabric sent from the dyeing is kept in store, ready to be cut. Lastly, in the finished products warehouse, the packaging is finished and the delivery prepared according to the client’s requirements.




The cutting sector is constituted by the modeling and the cutting process itself. In the modeling section, the moulds for the clothing items are conceived and then digitalized. The cut study is then done by computer allowing maximizing the use of the fabric. This study is used to cut the fabric on the cutting tables.



Quality Control

Being the quality of the produced clothes one of Aldoar’s strengths, the company has several quality control stages. The weaving section has a quality laboratory that controls the thread and the knitted fabric that come out of the loom. Technicians control all of the fabric produced by the company before being sent to the dyeing. In the finished fabric warehouse there is another laboratory that provides for the quality control of the fabric coming from the dyeing. In this laboratory several tests are performed, namely, for shrinkage, twisting, gram mage and color fastness of textiles, such as: fastness to washing, to water, acid and alkaline perspiration and friction. The resistance of the fabric to abrasion and pilling are also made. The cutting sector has also a quality control section, where all the different parts of a clothing item are verified before being sent to confectioning. Also at this level one of the working station workers is in charge of verifying the finished product. The quality of its products is, in fact, one of the main concerns of Aldoar, when trying to satisfy the increasing demands of the clients, who look for specific added value products and greater quality.



Confectioning and samples

In the confectioning sector the clothing items are sewed and finished. Besides our own making we have too some textile manufacture subcontracted to ensure a greater capacity to respond and thus meet all deadlines. Included in the confectioning sector is also the sampling section, where article prototypes and samples are made for the clients.


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