"If it is possible, we do!"

This is the purpose of our work and our quest for innovation!

Aldoar-Empresa Confecções Lda, created in 1998, works in the production of all kinds of mesh clothing for men, women and children, for the domestic and international markets.. The company is located in Barcelos, centre of the Portuguese textile industry, profiting from the great geographical location and excellent access roads. In the most recent years Aldoar has implemented some organizational and productive changes in order to lighten its structure and make it more flexible, thus being able to answer, rapidly and at a low cost, the increasingly demanding and competitive market.

Aware of the important role played by the design in this business, Aldoar keeps updating according to the new trends of the demanding international fashion world.

Aldoar’s production is dominated by the creation and manufacture of knitwear. We produce all types of mesh, with any kind of finishing. We manufacture products with all types of garment wash and garment dye and work with all types of stamping (traditional and digital, by meter or located). Equipped with the most modern technology and having a strongly motivated technical team of recognized competence, Aldoar is able to answer its clients needs quickly and effectively Aldoar’s factory includes the weaving, cutting, confectioning and sampling sectors.

Supporting these productive areas there are warehouses and quality control laboratories.


Aldoar is based on the checking of standards of excellence in the products developed, allied to the maintenance of competitive prices in all its markets and to the rigorous fulfillment of the delivery dates. The effort to insure that the scopes of the objectives are in harmony with the interests of all stakeholders - customers and workers in particular and society in general.

Social Responsability

Aldoar is fully aware of the social and economic environment in which we operate. We understand the need for a healthy relationship between the company and the local community.

Social responsibility must be ongoing and it is Aldoar's intention to create a website and blog where all the company's social activities will be recorded. This will take the form of photos and testimonies, following the various projects through their evolution.

In order to receive the best from every co-worker, it is Aldoar's policy to provide optimum working conditions. As such, besides the agreed salary, all co-workers have health insurance, financial incentives related to pre-established objectives and other bonus schemes related to performance..

Social Responsability


Environmental Responsibility


Aldoar has a serious commitment to the development and implementation of environmental policies. We are already implementing our ‘reduce, reuse and recycle' ethos throughout the production process. Our office donates all office materials for recycling to a pro-environmental organization that directly benefits from the sales. Our environmental commitment extends across our global sources network.


Social Responsability